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About Sterpunt Inclusief Ondernemen

Sterpunt Inclusief Ondernemen is an umbrella organisation / support centre for its member organizations - de Werkplekarchitecten, several sector funds and inclusive businesses. These 'Werkplekarchitecten' are over 40 organisations who are not-for-profit providers of training, coaching and workplace learning offering a wide range of career support tailored to both job seekers or employees as well as their employers. They are locally active or in a certain region (province), while some are active in the whole Flemisch territory and in Brussels.  

Sterpunt Inclusief Ondernemen represents and supports these not-for-profit providers of training, coaching and workplace learning, and uses the name ‘de Werkplekarchitecten’  on behalf of the member organisations it represents towards relevant stakeholders and the public. Sterpunt Inclusief Ondernemen is active since1991 and recognized by the Flemish government as interlocutor on behalf of the sector. 'De Werkplekarchitecten' are more than fourty non-profit-driven organizations that are alltogether active in more than 200 locations in Flanders and Brussels. These organisations decided to use the same baseline (de Werkplekarchitecten) to show their relatedness and common mission/activities, while keeping their own name. 

We have experience in supporting our members to enable job seekers and employees to sustainable employment. In particular those who have the need for additional support. Our core mission is to support our members in their activities, facilitate and encourage dialogue, cooperation and exchange of expertise. We also make policy proposals and support policy makers by monitoring existing 'measures' in the field of coaching, education and workplace learning - or broader within the active labour market and activation policy in Flanders. We are the link between not-for-profit labour market service providers and policy makers. We promote the development of innovative methods and the optimisation of existing methods for workplace learning, training and coaching. We focus on the professionalization of our members at the organisational level to ensure a qualitative offer of career support in Flanders and Brussels. 

We strive for an inclusive labor market, a labor market in which every citizen of working age finds a job that matches his talents and where each employer finds the employee he needs. To this end, we invest in sustainable partnerships and networks with companies, labor market actors, social partners and governments. We actively promote the concept of 'inclusive labour market' and 'inclusive enterprise' towards the public opinion and relevant stakeholders to reach this goal. 

Access to this network and to the expertise of Sterpunt Inclusief Ondernemen and 'de Werkplekarchitecten' is valuable within the Fastlane project as it will allow maximum integration of existing expertise and dissemination of the project results. Through our network of our members and relevant stakeholders (trade unions, VDAB (the public employment service of Flanders),...) we have access to the expertise of fieldworkers and policy makers in Flanders concerning workplace learning, job- and language coaching on the workfloor or within education and other existing 'measures' that are related to the Fastlane project and it's goals. 

We focus on supporting our members, more specifically on the improvement of quality and (the exchange of) expertise. We also provide policy support and raise awareness among relevant stakeholders and actors around ‘work experience’, ‘workplace learning’ and ‘work-based learning’. Together with our members, ‘de Werkplekarchitecten’ (translation: Workplace Architects) we strive for an inclusive labor market, with more social entrepreneurship and inclusive businesses where people with a distance to the labor market get real chances and are integrated on the workfloor. 

We want to improve existing methods in the field of work experience / workplace learning,  innovate and develop new models for workplace learning and work-based learning, with stronger involvement of mainstream business working floors in these programs. We want to exchange good practices that contribute to the sustainable integration of vulnerable job seekers into the labor market up. We want to maximize sustainable social entrepreneurship in our society. 

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